• Generators

    We’ll  provide a reliable, portable power source anywhere you need it.  Our ultra-quiet “WhisperWatt” model diesel generators operate as quietly as a normal conversation, feature a high-capacity fuel tank and an environmentally responsible containment system.

    • Indoor/outdoor events
    • Construction
    • Temporary power
  • Distribution

    Count on us to connect the power source to the plug-ins. We have the expertise and UL-rated equipment to service virtually any size need, including cable, cable ramps, power boxes and pass-through boxes.

  • Events

    Your guests’ attention will stay focused on your event while our ultra-quiet “WhisperWatt” generators hum quietly in the background.

    • Concerts
    • Fairs
    • Festivals
    • Marathons/Races
    • Weddings
  • Concert at Target Center

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