• Whether you are removing frost or trying to prevent it, Quality Propane can provide you with the necessary equipment to get the job done, safely and efficiently. We have a large inventory of equipment from smaller cylinders (20#-420#) to bulk tanks (120 gallon-1000 gallon) or vaporizers that work when you need them. If your mixing concrete, curing pipes, laying block, drying out, framing new or renovating old Quality Propane has you covered, when you need it, where you want it.
  • Because safety is our top priority, we are pleased to offer individual or group safety training and materials to your employees on the safe handling of propane on construction sites. We cover all codes including local, State, Federal, NFPA54, NFPA58 and OSHA.  This is all provided at no charge to our customers.
  • Propane Safety Tips at Construction Sites

  1. Store tanks and cylinders outside in a safe secure area away from other flammables or sources of ignition.
  2. Mark storage area with “No smoking” and “Flammable” signs.
  3. Cylinders should always be stored, transported and used in an upright position to assure proper functioning of pressure-relief devices.
  4. After making connections, check for leaks with soap suds or other leak-detector solution. Make sure all propane hoses are protected from damage.
  5. If you suspect a leak, smell down near the floor because propane is odorized with a “rotten egg” smell and is heavier than air. Shut off supply tank valve, ventilate the area and contact your propane supplier to have leak repaired. 
  6. Use only U.L. and AGA approved equipment and keep all fittings and regulators clean to assure proper functioning.
  7. Only take cylinders inside as they are needed to be connected to consuming devices.
  8. NEVER direct flames toward a propane container to hasten vaporization.
  9. If you have any questions on proper procedures call us at 612.788.6906, or contact your local fire department.

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