• Propane is the fuel of choice for forklifts and we can keep them running. Downtime means down profits. We offer on-site filling, cylinder exchange or filling your own–you choose. We sell or rent cylinders and racks of all sizes. We build all our own racks and can specialize them to your needs. All our equipment is safe and reliable and is maintained by us. We offer flexible delivery options to fit your schedule. We will train your employees on safe operating procedures. The only thing you pay for with us is the product that you receive we have no hidden or additional delivery costs. A tax credit is available for propane used in forklifts and is eligible for a 50 cent/gallon credit. Click here for more information Tax Credit Information
  • If you have a tanker heating tar for roof repairs or installing new roofs, we have you covered, on-time delivery when you need it where you need it. Torches available for sale.
  • When Natural Gas shuts you off, you can rely on your propane stand-by system to keep you going. Whether it’s a full transport load or just a small delivery, we canĀ supply you the gas you need. We also service stand-by systems and can bring your system into compliance with the new 2011 codes.
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