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The forklift is old and scratched in a large and light warehouse

Propane for Forklifts

Keeping Costs Down While Lifting Productivity

Propane forklifts get more done in more places, unlike other energy options. Electric forklifts can’t carry the weight of large jobs, and diesel isn’t fit for small tasks. But propane forklifts are available in all weight classes to match the job at hand. And because they can operate effectively indoors and out, your staff stays more productive.

Propane forklifts provide 100 percent power throughout operation to make the most of the work day, and one cylinder covers an entire eight-hour shift. Businesses that operate 24/7 can count on propane forklifts over multiple shifts, with no need to schedule downtime for recharging, as with electric equipment. In the long term, propane cylinders are a smarter choice than electric batteries. Cylinders can last up to 30 years with requalified use, but batteries only perform a few hours per charge and are only practical for infrequent use.

Propane powered forklifts are also the most economical way to service your material-handling needs. When your operation relies on forklifts to run efficiently, you can’t afford to run out of propane. Forklift downtime can negatively impact profits, employees and customers. Our team at Quality Propane will work with you to establish the delivery schedule you need so your lift trucks are never forced to sit idle.

At Quality Propane we specialize in fueling propane powered forklifts. You can rely on our on-site fill program, which complies with NFPA 58 for propane storage, handling, and filling procedures where are professionals refill your 33 pound forklift cylinders at your premises, and inspect your tanks with every fill.  

Since propane tanks don’t often deplete, refilling is better than exchanging, allowing you to pay for only what you use. Quality Propane can help keep your economical propane-fueled forklifts operating smoothly and efficiently. 

For more information please download the latest brochure here from the Propane Education and Research Council.

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